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Our systems use substantially less wood than conventional systems,
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New-Zealand Heating  Forced pellet heaters are the most cost effective form of central heating.
Our home pelletheating business is based in Christ Church New Zealand

Switch to Nature’s Flame – cosy, instant heat at the flick of a switch from smokeless pellet renewable fuel that costs a lot less than gas or electricity.

Nature’s Flame is a renewable fuel made from natural wood pellets that is now available from www.fast2nz.com Nature’s Flame pellets burn in an enclosed fireplace leaving no dust, smell, condensation or smoke, making it an ideal home heating solution. We can supply you with Nature’s Flame pellets and a range of pellet fires to suit your home and pocket.Pellet fires are easy to install into existing fireplaces with flues – or can be freestanding and vented horizontally through an outside wall. Pellet fires should be installed by a qualified Centralheating technician.Centralheating Pellet fires have a fuel hopper, storing 20 kg of pellets. Pellets are automatically fed into the burn pot when the fire is ignited. A simple electrical ignitor lights the fire. Feed frequency is controlled by an external dial and regulates actual heat output. Combustion air is drawn through the burn pot by an exhaust fan ensuring perfect air to fuel ratios and maximum Centralheating efficiency. Fresh air is passed through a series of heat exchangers and fan forced into your living room using a variable speed convection fan.Additionally, heat from the burn pot radiates through the glass door. This dual system ensures an authentic ambience and unparalled heat efficiency.
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Pellets Centralheating Woodpellets

This Company is a good Adress for wood pellets Centralheating Equipment in Newzealand!
Wood pellets which are clean, pleasant smelling, environmentally friendly, natural, renewable fuel. Pellets are made from sawdust and wood shavings, which are dried, compressed under extremely high pressure and  formed into small cylindrical 8 and 6 mm diameter pieces.

     Neither glues nor other kind of additives are used while manufacturing pellets. It is made from 100% pure recycled wood waste. Making wood pellets helps to utilize wood waste coming from sawmills, furniture produces and other wood factories.

     Renewable fuel resources have least influence to air pollution. Burning fossil fuel (coal or oil) gives off big  amounts of carbon dioxide, NO, SO2, HCH. Nowadays one of the most important ecological problems is carbon dioxide, which effects to the Earth temperature. Burning wood fuel also gives off some carbon dioxide, but, as specialists think, it is neutral carbon, witch is a part of natural cycle, it is balanced by the carbon absorbed by the growing trees.

        All wood fuel is natural, but pellets are dryer, humidity is less than 10%, while green wood chips has about 45% and seasoned wood - 25% moisture content. The bigger moisture content fuel has, the bigger amount of carbon dioxide gives off. That means, that burning wood pellets gives off less carbon dioxide. 

       Lower moisture content is an advantage not only for air pollution, but also for our comfort. Pellets are much easier to ignite, there's less tar build up in the chimney and ash deposition.

         Wood pellets have bigger thermal value than wood chips or wood logs. It has considerable advantage over other kind of wood fuel in terms of storage and transportation costs.

        Wood pellets are comfortable to use. There are lots of Pellet-Fired boilers and stoves produced. Wood pellet stoves and boilers are automated and have automatic ignition, thermostatic controls and can be operated on a time, which saves fuel. It is similar to oil fired heating systems. Wood pellets are clean to use. It is comfortable to use 20 kg bagged pellets in a household to fill pellet stoves.

          Wood pellet fuel is clean and safe. There's no risk of explosion unlike oil or gas, no risk of pollution if it accidentally releases. Wood pellets have minimal ash content (less than 1%), wood ash is a good fertilizer and can be returned to nature.

           Wood pellets fuel is clean, comfortable to use fuel, which has lots of advantages in comparison with fossilized fuel and other kinds of wood fuel.


           Single Pellet-Boiler                                  Twin Pellet and Wood-Boiler

Most of you already have some experience in using wood or wooden briquettes for heating either in boilers or fireplaces. These fuels are widely available at reasonably good prices. A new product, not yet known by all, is the so-called pellets, which are produced in a similar way as wooden briquettes by high-pressure pressing of waste wood (dry sawdust and chips) without any binder. It is predicted that in the near future the same production technology shall be used to produce pellets from straw and various biological wastes. The most frequently used pellet size is with a diameter of 6, 8 and 9 mm and a length of 5 to 25 mm. The heating value is approximately the same as for wooden briquettes, ranging from 17 to 19 MJ/kg. The price of pellets produced by Newzealand producers, of which there are currently more than fifteen, is ~ 350 $ per ton. Pellets are currently supplied in Newzealand in PVC bags (usually 15, 20 or 25 kg). Abroad, however, pellets are delivered in cistern trucks from which suppliers fill any type of tank, as in the case of LTO (light fuel oil). It is very important to store pellets in a dry place to prevent their deterioration.
Our company has designed   D20P (22 kW output) pellet boilers and is preparing higher outputs.
      Boilers are designed in such a way that the HEIZ-TEC IWABO Swedish burner is built into the left or right side of the boiler, functioning as a heat exchanger, which draws pellets from the storage tank by means of a screw conveyor. The fuel tank is located next to the boiler or in an adjacent room and can be of any arbitrary size (the standard size is 250 or 500 l).
      The burner itself functions as follows. If the burner is triggered (the need to heat arises), the conveyor pours pellets into the burners spout and ignites them using a glowing coil. Following sufficient pellet combustion, the burner is adjusted to the set output where it remains until the system is heated. Thereafter, the burner is switched off and pellets in the burners chamber are burnt out. The whole cycle is repeated again when heating is required. The boiler output and other burner functions are controlled electronically, which enables an adaptation of the boiler operation to specific system conditions. Addition of fuel, cleaning of the burner combustion chamber and removal of ash is performed once every 1 - 14 days, depending on the quality of pellets. A great advantage of our pellet boilers is that the burner is removed from the boiler and replaced by a lid, and wood can be used to heat the system. These features mean that these boilers offer the same degree of operating comfort and utility value as do boilers running on gas, propane-butane or LTO. The main advantage is that in comparison with natural gas or LTO,these boilers combust renewable energy sources which makes their prospects look very good.


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